Northwestern Computer Vision & Machine Learning Reading Group

We read papers in the field of computer vision and machine learning. If you are willing to join to group please e-mail: wangjiangb at gmail dot com

Regular Meeting Time & Place

Technological Institute F313 every Wed. from 1-3 pm.


Date Time Place Presenter Paper
01/31/2013 3:00 pm F313 Phlip Lee Multigrid method for Optimization in Image Processing. (Working paper)
01/24/2013 3:00 pm F313 Matthew Wampler-Doty Tran, Son, and Larry Davis. "Event modeling and recognition using markov logic networks." Computer Vision¨CECCV 2008 (2008): 610-623. Yuan, Junsong, Ming Yang, and Ying Wu. "Mining discriminative co-occurrence patterns for visual recognition." Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2011 IEEE Conference on. IEEE, 2011.
05/01/2012 3:30 pm F313 Selim M. Shahriar Super-Parallel Holographic Optical Correlator for Ultrafast Database Search, M.S. Shahriar, M. Kleischmit, R. Tripathi, and J. Shen, Optics Lett. 28, 525-527 (2003)
03/29/2012 3:30 pm F313 Zhuoyuan Chen Sparse Filtering, NIPS 2011 by Andrew Y. Ng.
02/15/2012 1:00 pm F313 Xiaohui Shen Relative Attributes, 2011 ICCV, Davi Parikh and Kristin Grauman
02/08/2012 1:00 pm F313 Yin Xia Detecting text in natural scenens with stroke width transform, 2010 CVPR, Boris Epshtein et al.
02/01/2012 1:00 pm F313 Zhuoyuan Chen Learning Sparse Representations of High Dimensional Data on Large Scale Dictionary, NIPS 2011, Zhen James Xiang et al.
01/24/2012 1:00 pm F313 Jiang Wang Unsupervised Semantic Parsing, EMNLP 2009, Hoifung Poon et al.
01/17/2012 1:00 pm F313 Philip Lee Computer-Aided Diagnosis and Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Imaging. 2011. J. Shiraishi et al.
01/11/2012 1:00 pm F313 Xiaohui Shen TILT: Transform Invariant Low-rank Textures, IJCV